What is Sports Betting

The activity that refers to making a bet on the result of the some sporting event is generally known as sports betting.

This can be treated as a form of gambling. But people who are seriously watching sports and analyzing it scientifically can easily and accurately make the prediction. Earlier sports betting were limited to games like horse racing. But now due to the excitement and money that a person is getting from sports betting has made it common in all sorts of sports. Sports betting are now very common in games like football, basket ball, base ball and cricket. Sports betting considered being a kind of gambling has always been controversial and created a lot of scandals all over the world. The profession of accepting bet on sports is called bookmaking and people doing it are called bookies.

Most of the countries don’t provide any legal validity for sports betting.

For example in United States bookmaking is legal only in Nevada casinos. Most of the European countries do not promote bookmaking and is strictly regulated. But it is not considered to be a criminal offence. The supporters of sports betting argue that it will increase the interest in the game as more people are attracted towards it. They think that it is the act of the fans to get more involved in the sporting activity. This will in turn benefit leagues, payers and teams with more attendance and television viewers.

The people who oppose sports betting argue that it show the basic characteristics of gambling.

They are afraid that it will spoil the integrity of the game. There has been incidence of bookies fixing matches and players deliberately not playing in certain matches for the benefit of bookmaking. Although there are strict laws and careful observance, such incidence are repeating making a bad impact on the spirit of sports. However many people are making good amount of money from sports betting using their sheer knowledge of the sports.